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Alderman Swindell School is a community school and nursery in Great Yarmouth North. It provides education for children from 3 -7 years.

Our Policies

School policies explain how the school's vision, ethos and strategic direction are achieved consistently throughout the school on a daily basis.


At Alderman Swindell School and Nursery we are continually evaluating the curriculum we offer and developing it, in the light of current research and advice on best practice.

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Strike Action 05.07.2016

Class Closures

Red Class

Orange Class

Purple Class

Strike Action 05.07.16


The Nursery have enjoyed watching their ducklings take their first swimming lesson. As you can see they are very fast and they learn to swim very quickly.  They were very, very fast …

Golden Mile Achievements and Road To Rio

We joined the Golden Mile programme in January 2016.  The Y3 Pupil Leaders have done a fantastic job in organising class participation and recording progress.

On 11th February Kate from Premier Sport …

Cooking Club -Pancake Feast

Pancakes were the signature dish this week (8 -12 February) at Cooking Club.

Alongside traditional lemon juice and sugar, squirty cream and strawberries were popular serving suggestions!


February Children’s University Newsletter
Road Safety Flashing Signs

School would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the People of North Yarmouth PoNY, for purchasing and installing these road safety signs.…

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