Mulberry visiting under the sea!

Mulberry class went to the Sealife Centre to see the wonderful world of sea creatures. The tall man called Paul told us about all the creatures. We first looked at some starfish. Did you know that if a starfish loses an arm it grows back? Also did you know male seahorses have the babies instead of the female? Written by Shania and Daniel B.

When we got to the penguin zone, they were getting fed fish. The man told us many names like Rosie and Harvie for instance. They had bands around their flippers to show there names. They were also babysitting 

other penguins for another center (Hunstanton). The staff mushed up the fish so the penguins could digest it. All the penguins had their own houses to go in. The ladies weren’t just feeding the penguins, they were counting them too. Written by McKenzie and Maya.

Thank you to Mr Wright, Mrs Medler, Mrs Wihl and Miss King for accompanying Mulberry class. We hope you all had a great day!