Starting School Sept 2018

Alderman Swindell Primary School is a Community School and Nursery for children from 3 – 11 years.

From September 2017  we  offer places for 3-10 years (N2 – Y5).

From 2018 we will offer places for 3-11 years (N2 – Y6).

Community schools are owned by Norfolk County Council, but locally managed by the Governing Board and Headteacher.

Norfolk County Council (NCC) manages admissions to all community schools in Norfolk.

School Admission

All up to date information can be accessed from the Norfolk County Council website.

Applications can be made online here.

Parents guide to admission to schools in Norfolk 2017


First admission to school (Pupils born between 1/9/2012 and 31/8/2013)
Round Opens:          28/09/2016
Round Closes:
           15/01/2017  (Late applications will be accepted on line until 23 January 2017) 
Decisions posted:    18/04/2017 (mid afternoon) 

Transfer to Junior Schools (Pupils in their last year at an Infant School)
Round Opens:             08/11/2016
Round Closes:          15/01/2017 (Late applications will be accepted on line until 23 January 2017) 
Decisions posted:     18/04/2017 (mid afternoon)

If you are moving into the area and are considering joining Alderman Swindell Primary School once the school year has started, please contact Admissions to check on place availability.  If there are spaces school will contact you and arrange for a visit prior to starting.

If you are currently living locally and already have a school place the admissions team only consider changes between schools at the start of each term.

Please read  Parents guide to admission to schools in Norfolk 2017  before you make your application.  This will ensure you follow the application process correctly; help avoid delays; and maximise your chances of getting your preferred school.

Nursery Admission

If you would like to apply for a nursery place at Alderman Swindell Primary School Nursery please contact the school directly.

ASPSN Admissions Policy 2017-18

All children are entitled to 15 hours free nursery education in the term after their 3rd birthday and may be eligible for 30 hours free nursery education from September 2017.

30 hours FREE childcare

30 hours free childcare parents FAQs

Nursery sessions run from 08.30 until 11.30 each morning and 12.15  until 15.15  each afternoon.

Educational outcomes are best when young children attend either regular morning or afternoon sessions and this is encouraged.

However, school supports parents who are working or in education and will tailor sessions to meet these commitments.  Lunchtime supervision can be purchased separately providing a whole day option if required.

Once a child turns 3, nursery sessions can be purchased up to the free eligibility date.

Additional sessions may also be purchased depending on availability.


Transition into Reception

Once the application round is complete NCC process the applications.  In April NCC sends a school place offer letter / email to all applicant families.  Schools receive notification of the school place offers made for their school.


When we know who will be joining us we contact all families to welcome them to Alderman Swindell Primary School and explain more about our school and dates for all the transition activities.

To ensure a smooth positive transition into school we hold a number of events for both children and parents.

Nursery / Pre-school Visits

are very important and the teachers visit the different pre-school settings to meet new children and their Key Workers before they come into school for their first visit.

Home visits

If your child has attended our nursery we will already have completed a home visit and will know you quite well.  If your child is new to the school the teacher and key worker will visit you at home to get to know your child even better. During this visit they ensure that all paperwork needed for school will be completed. These visits give time for conversations about settling in, transition, medical needs and anything else you would like to ask in the comfort of your own home.

Transition visits

We have two transition visits for children who have not attended our Nursery.  To ensure that these mornings are really successful, we ask that parents join us for a short time on the first one and then leave their child on the second.

If you have been successful in gaining a place at our school, we welcome you and look forward to meeting with you soon, if you are considering our school please come and have a look around. We are happy to arrange times by appointment, just call the office.