‘Primary education is a critical stage in children’s development – it shapes them for life.  As well as giving them the essential tools for learning, primary education is about children experiencing the joy of discovery, sharing problems, being creative in writing, art, music, developing their self-confidence as learners and maturing socially and emotionally.’

(Excellence and Enjoyment – A strategy for primary schools P4).

At Alderman Swindell Primary School and Nursery we are continually evaluating the curriculum we offer and developing it, in the light of current research and advice on best practice.

Children from 3-5 years follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.  This framework was updated for September 2014. EYFS_Parents Guide  4Children_ParentsGuide_2015_WEB

EYFS Projects Plan 2017- 18

Each half-term the children are introduced to a new book; through discussion the staff and children explore ideas raised by the book.  The children then use these ideas as starting points for learning journeys which are recorded and displayed.  At the end of the topic the children express and record what they have learned.

Children from 5-11 years follow the National Curriculum.

Phonics is taught daily from 9.00 – 10.00 am in small ability groups.  Staff use the Read Write Inc. Scheme. (see Curriculum – Read Write Inc.)  Children progress to the Language and Literacy element of this programme which continues to the end of Key Stage 2.

Maths is taught from the school Scheme of Work.

The Foundation Subjects and Science are taught through a Project Approach using the Cornerstones Curriculum.

Cornerstone Curriculum Information for Parents

Year Plan 2017 – 18 Project Map

Cross – Curricular Learning Projects – Y1-Y5 – 2017-18

Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education

  • Spring Term (2nd Half) / Drug and Alcohol Education (delivered through 3 lessons on consecutive days in the same week)
    • Y1 Medicines and People Who Help Us
      • Staying Healthy
      • Medicines
      • Who gives us medicines?
    • Y2 Keeping Safe
      • Risk
      • Hazardous Substances
      • Safety Rules
    • Y3 Smoking
      • Why People Smoke
      • Physical Effects of Smoking
      • No Smoking
    • Y4 Alcohol
      • Effects of Alcohol
      • Alcohol and risk
      • Limits to Drinking Alcohol
    • Y5 Legal and Illegal Drugs
      • Legal and Illegal Drugs
      • Attitudes to Drugs
      • Peer Pressure
  • Summer Term (2nd Half) / Relationships and Sex Education (delivered through 5 lessons over a week)
    • EYFS Our Lives
      • Our day
      • Keeping Ourselves Clean
      • Families
      • Healthy Relationships
      • Body safety
      • Scheme of work RSE EYFS
    • Y1 Growing and Caring For Ourselves
      • Keeping Clean
      • Growing and Changing
      • Families and Care
      • Healthy Relationships
      • Body safety
      • Scheme of work RSE Y1
    • Y2 Differences
      • Differences: Boys and Girls
      • Differences: Male and Female
      • Naming the Body Parts
      • Healthy Relationships
      • Body safety
      • Scheme of work RSE Y2
    • Y3 Valuing Difference and Keeping Safe
      • Differences: Male and Female
      • Personal Space
      • Family Differences
      • Healthy Relationships
      • Body safety
      • Scheme of work RSE Y3
    •  Y4 Growing Up
      • Growing and Changing
      • What is Puberty?
      • Puberty Changes and Reproduction
      • Healthy Relationships
      • Body safety
      • Scheme of work RSE Y4
    • Y5 Puberty
      • Talking about Puberty
      • Male and Female Changes
      • Puberty and Hygiene
      • Healthy Relationships
      • Body Safety
      • Scheme of work RSE Y5

School follows the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus to teach Religious Education.

School also offers;

  • a comprehensive Road Safety Programme for each year group delivered in partnership with Norfolk County Council
  • Young Enterprise (Y1 and Y2)
  • Modern Foreign Language;
    • KS1  Italian taught through the Dinocrocs programme
    • KS2  French taught through the Rigolo Scheme
  • Forest School ParentguidetoFS
    • Level 3 Forest School Practitioner and HLTA Miss Pulham runs the school Forest School Programme on Thursdays and Fridays at the Bure Park site.
  • Music Tuition
    • Peripatetic Music Teacher Mr. Tim Hodson works across the school each Wednesday.

Y3 Ukulele Lesson.5


  • Nursery – singing
  • Reception  – singing
  • Y1 – singing / tuned percussion (xylophones)
  • Y2 – ukulele
  • Y3 – ukulele
  • Y4 – ukulele


  • Sport and PE
    • School employs a Sports Coach from Premier Sports to deliver High Quality PE across KS1 and KS2 every Friday.
    • Premier Sports coaches also train the school Football Club and run a Friday lunchtime club.
  • Gymnastics
    • Gymnastics coach Mr. Donald Carr works across the school over the year on Thursday Afternoons.
    • Mr. Carr also runs a Gymnastics Club, after school on Thursdays
  • A wide range of after school clubs

Resources for Families

How to develop your child’s communication skills